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"I am so happy that I found this tool.
It showed me that I was missing key information on my site and had an expired SSL certificate. This was the reason that our site was not getting any visitors!"

Daniella Trovatto

Business Owner - One50 Hair & Beauty

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Technical SEO is an important consideration if you want a website that gets results.

If your site has broken links, slow page load speed, expired security certificates etc, search engines won’t view your site as trustworthy and won’t reward you with first page rankings.

Webchecktool.com performs an in-depth analysis of your website and instantly sends you a report that highlights any technical issues that would be costing you higher rankings in Google.

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What does an SEO Audit look like?

Here is a quick look at some of the issues that webchecktool.com detected on a website.

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Webchecktool.com is the perfect free tool for anyone who wants to audit their website and make it rank higher in Google search results.

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